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This report has been requested by the region of Bornholm County, the supply unit, and has been prepared by Barslund pest control and Peter Weile, consultant on rat control for the environmental department.


The practical work including the investigation has been performed by Barslund Pest Control. The environmental department’s consultant has been consultative and supervising.


The investigation was done in the period of October 25th to January 31st 2006.


The region of Bornholm’s County has decided to examine the effect of the different types of rat traps which has been installed around the county and which has been used in some places up to 15 years. It is the intention of the region of Bornholm’s county to investigate the environmental impact and to ensure that the most effective control against rats is used with the least environmental nuisance as well as prevent damages to the sewer system.


As part of the investigation; sewer/poison blocks have been hung in wells, where rat traps have been placed to be able to measure the rat activity.


The rat traps are either placed so that traps are established on the public sewer system or in single sections with several small houses connected.





Following the inspection of all of the 71 sewer wells a total of 5 times, the result of the investigation shows that there was no sign of rat activity what so ever.







It can therefore be concluded that the rat trap works as expected, as it has been established that there is high rat activity in the sewer systems with out rat traps. Therefore the rats have been successfully kept away from the sewer lines to the residences to which the rat traps have placed.


This is true for both the rat traps which have been placed individually on a single property and those which has been placed on a main line with several connections attached.


The advantage in using these types of rat traps are that the traditional poison control is reduced to an absolute minimum and poison is therefore not led out into the sewage and waste water.


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Barslund pest control